Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Nielsen’s Frozen Custard just better?

A: Well, many reasons! Our custard is made using an exact recipe of real dairy cream, natural sweeteners and farm fresh eggs. The additions are high grade cocoas, quality roasted nuts, real berries, and natural vanilla and other flavorings. The specially designed freezing machine can be noisy, but that’s how you know your custard is fresh and delicious every time!!

Q: Is custard healthy?

A: Nielsen’s Frozen Custard has less calories and fat than premium ice creams, and less sugar than frozen yogurt!! In fact, it has only slightly more milkfat than ice milk….but tastes 100% more rich and creamy!! Because our frozen custard is made of only the best ingredients, and made fresh all day, you avoid the artificial additives and preservatives that are found in many ice creams that can be weeks or months old before being sold.

Q: Why is your custard so smooth and creamy?

A: Most ice cream and frozen yogurt has a large amount of air, or overrun, mixed in to give it “fluff”….up to 50%!! Our custard has minimal overrun, so it is more dense—you get more delicious product in the same volume! We freeze our custard quickly so that there are no sugar or ice crystals to hang around in your mouth. And the custard is so fresh that it doesn’t freeze your tongue like other frozen desserts!!