Archie C. Kohr of Coney Island is generally credited for taking ice cream and adding eggs to produce a creamier, lighter product that tastes “just like a custard”, back in 1919. About 20 years later, soft serve machines were invented and frozen custard stores became extremely popular along the Atlantic coast and Midwest.

Because frozen custard is more labor intensive and is best served fresh, ice cream became commercialized with additives and preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavorings—all to sell mass quantities. Custard stores disappeared, but are now making a comeback because people love the fresh, smooth, creamy flavor only found in products like Nielsen’s Frozen Custard.

Steve Nielsen started making frozen custard in Salt Lake City in 1981, and his product has claimed numerous awards. We are proud to bring delicious Nielsen’s Frozen Custard products to Rexburg and all of Eastern Idaho!!